The Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation win the second prize of the photographic contest “Focus Philanthropy 2020” organized by DAFNE,  (Donors and Foundations Networks in Europe). It is a contest to enhance the importance and value of philanthropy and the work of foundations and philanthropic bodies across Europe. To participate were asked to submit one single image which captured the essence of the Foundation’s work, of the project it carries and how these, and philanthropy in its broadest sense, contribute to achieving the common good. The Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation, decided to submit Luca Catalano Gonzaga’s photo of Tereza, a South Sudanese woman which directly benefited from the Foundations Humanitarian Response Plan in South Sudan, and in particular from the assistance of the partner Light for the World. A short text on the photo’s story and meaning.

Title: Strength in Fragility

Text: “Tereza is a 60-year-old woman who is blind and has mobility problems. She is in front of her hut in Hai Matara, a village in South Sudan. Because of the civil war that has destroyed her country, Tereza risks her life every day but cannot leave her village. To support Tereza and the other victims of an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, the Foundation has been supporting actions in South Sudan since 2017 to protect displaced persons and refugees, to ensure basic medical care, food security and education. It has so far allocated €2.5 million to South Sudan. For 20 years the Foundation has been promoting and protecting the human rights of the most vulnerable people, supporting projects aimed at poverty reduction, education, health promotion and environmental conservation.”