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Eccocivi wines is a solid, eco-sustainable and representative reality of Catalonia in the world, for ITS quality and integrity, ITS utmost respect for land, traditions and ITS solidarity principles. Eccocivi Wines had the prestige of becoming the first Carbon Zero certified winery in Spain, with a sustainable and ethical production. Its philosophy is to apply sustainable cultivation methods and ensure its wine is produced with the greatest respect for the environment.

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Witness Image is a non profit organization founded by Luca Catalano Gonzaga, which combines photography and journalism.

Its’ purpose is to narrate the great transformations of our time through a number of projects.


Witness Image aims to document the world disorder of our day through images and their stories such as: the causes and consequences of the war, child abuse, hunger, poverty, injustices, natural and environmental disasters.


Witness Image wants to build a reflection on the right of people to remain themselves in this era of great political and socio-cultural changes.

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